Bring Back Barbie Girl Campaign


1. Why did it close?

According to their website, it closed because they wanted " to explore new digital opportunities." Yes- but we don't want it to close! And that brings us to the purpose of this campiagn.

2. How can we do anything to help? I mean, we're kids.

Yeah, we are- I am not denying that fact. But so what? Kids can do anything. Like aims its products at us- the kids. We're the customers who want their VIP memberships, get it? We're the audience. So who better than us to show that we want Barbiegurl back???

3. How does the campaign try to bring it back?

Very good question! First, we want to show Mattel that we don't want them to close the site. By recruiting members who contact them, we are trying to convince them of the demand of their site. Second, we also ask them what we can do to help. Therefore, in the case that Mattel does not have the resources to restart it up,then if there are enough members, we may be able to assist them. Together with teamwork, we have a chance to bring it back. But to do that, we need your help. Let me repeat that- WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need YOU to join the campaign! Thank you so much!





This website is to help bring back It was disappointing and upsetting that it closed on June 1, 2011. So, us faithful Barbiegurl fans will try their best to bring it back thorough convincing and donations. Oh yeah, and through faithful teamwork and help! So join the campaign to bring it back.

P.S.I don't own anything- all products and the Barbiegirls website belong to Mattel, the rightful owner.


This website is about helping to bring back!! It is also a fan site

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